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Use the work experience you've gained over all these years. Be employed and active in flexible jobs that meet your current lifestyle.


Learn a new skill and stretch your mind. Be part of group workshops or have a customised learning experience.


Network and benefit from the experience of seniors, retired professionals, those on a career break, empty-nesters, and home-makers.


Organisations can hire from our growing community, or partner with us to develop programs.

Hear from our members

We’ve been conducting skilling workshops and placing people into new jobs for over a year. Find out what some of them have to say.

Unfold Second Innings - Sujatha Tenneti

Regini Benjamin

I had taken a break of six years and lately felt the urge to resume work. With the assistance of Unfold Second Innings, I got an opportunity to work with INKTalks. I never even imagined that I would start to work again in my life! I would like to point out the impeccable service that Unfold Second Innings is rendering to our senior citizens.


Unfold Second Innings - Sujatha Tenneti

Nupur Ghosh

The Unfold Second Innings team helped me understand the career counselling requirements for a client, gauge expectations, administer a career assessment test through one of their partners and then coached me on how to read the assessment! I now feel confident to build a counselling plan for the student.

Unfold Second Innings - Sushma Palukuru

Suchita Ullal 

Unfold Second Innings is an earnest organisation, genuinely looking to encourage second or retirement careers. Knowing and having watched the employment scene in India from close quarters in my earlier career, with the slant being on youth, I know the team faces a lot of obstacles. Yet, they carry on with determination!

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