Newsletter, Issue 8, January 2019

All of us at Unfold wish you and your loved ones a happy New Year, with lots of joy in 2019!

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As we reluctantly ease ourselves out of the holiday spirit, and into a brand new year, it’s common practice to reflect. How did 2018 treat you? And how did you treat yourself in 2018? What new goals do you want to set for the year ahead?


Why is this reflection important? Because that’s how we achieve active living. You reached retirement age. So what? You had to take a career break for a while. So what? You haven’t worked in a company for a while. So what? The answer to ‘so what’…that’s left in your hands. How badly do you want to continue using the skills you’ve built up over so many years? How badly do you want a break from the routine of your home life? How badly do you want to get back into an energised work group?


There are a lot of questions here to help you think about what you want. Unfold Second Innings is here to help you achieve it. We’re all for new beginnings, and we would love to be on the journey with you!


Have a lovely 2019. Warm regards,

Puja Kohli

Interview Corner

Mr TV Ragunath | Managing Director  |  GiftLinks

Gift Links has been in the business of corporate gifting and promotional merchandise for over 30 years. With a wide range of products, an aim to build relationships, flexible service and ethical business practices, Gift Links has become the preferred partner to large corporates.


“Initially, we looked at the Second Innings community as another source for hiring. It soon became clear that there were people with experience, creative and free thinking with an ability to work part time / from home and yet be connected to the business. We have been offering flexible options to employees and supporting special needs with respect to work timings and working conditions, so this was perfect for us.


The community comes with good and varied experiences and is flexible to take on roles which are still being defined. They have the ability to redefine the roles as well and alter the scope based on past experiences. The person we hired has brought in maturity and we were able to quickly offer her a larger role with greater responsibility.


The Second Innings community is unique because of their level of experience, maturity and skill for a given role, their tolerance levels and willingness to adapt to clients’ requirements. Companies can benefit as the person comes with much more experience, a network, and has the desire to excel.


It’s not always easy to get what one expects in a second innings, so to succeed, members must be flexible, patient, try to understand company culture and be accepted by team members. Soon the energy and newness can be enjoyed.”

Video testimonials from members

Unfold Second Innings members share some thoughts on why they are part of this community and how they benefit from it. Click each image to go to the video on YouTube.


If you have a story to share, we’d be happy to feature your testimonial in our next issue!



Current Career Opportunities

Career opportunities are open for age group 40+, with no upper long as you're agile, fit and have relevant skills! Read more about these jobs on our website and apply for them. You can also write to


If you have other skills that you’re looking to build a second career for, get in touch.



Unfold Happiness at Work Certification Program


Unfold has tied up with Pexiscore to help members become certified as Happiness Quotient Practitioners. This enables them to engage with organisations and help build happiness as a strength in teams. The first session was held in December.

They learn skills to create a positive atmosphere for organisations to thrive and prosper.

We believe that those who successfully go through the tools will not only equip themselves with a new skill and a scientific method to coaching, but also build a transition to a coaching career.

A very well organised program. Quite like the content and the interaction. The most amazing part was I got to learn so many other concepts which was out of this subject but very relevant to today's work environment.

- Shalima Jain

It was very interesting and the entire team including the participants had a very positive vibe. Looking forward to utilizing the skills learnt, effectively, very soon.

- Anjali Sainani

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-15 at 4.36.12 PM.


How to build an impactful LinkedIn profile

Nearly every industry uses LinkedIn to search for candidates. We believe it’s important for the Unfold Second Innings community to move out of comfort zones, learn how to leverage digital platforms available, to build a second career.


The training session was held via video conference – a precursor to getting the group comfortable with technology – and the session touched on the various aspects of a LinkedIn profile, the kind of information to populate, and tips & tricks to get found by recruiters.


Did you know that Unfold Second Innings community members can get 50% off the course fee with NICT – a computer training institute? Learn various MS Office software, how to use social media, Tally software and more! Get in touch to know how you can avail this offer. Also, connect with us if you’re interested in any specific training programs.


Dialogues to Celebrate YOU

Dialogues to Celebrate YOU was a special meet-up for the Second Innings community in November, along with senior leaders from different industries, who have each experimented with their own careers. Some of our own community members also shared their second innings success stories. More than 50 members attended!

They spoke about the importance of relevance when building a second career; how to creatively leverage skills to build new career paths; what it takes to re-integrate into an organisation after a career break; how to identify strengths and channel them into a new career; and more.

Congratulations on an excellent example as to why and how engaging in a community event such as yours can be meaningful and valuable.

- Prithvi Shergill

Great interaction and very meaningful discussions. Unfold Second Innings team is on a very meaningful path.

- Kalpana Dube



Bangalore Biz Lit Fest & NHRD TechHeart

Unfold Second Innings was showcased at the Bangalore Business Literature Fest in September at WeWork Galaxy.


We conducted a 60 minute session on how to transition to a second innings, focusing on 4 key aspects:

- Self Reflection – Exploring attitude, strengths and constraints
- Breaking Barriers – Gender, age, culture, thinking
- Expanding options – Career choices and alternative paths
- Connecting the dots – Bridging skills and market need

Unfold participated in the NHRD TechHeart event in December, where we showcased Unfold Second Innings.

The idea was to present how technology comes together with a purpose. We spoke about the thought behind Second Innings and how technology like WhatsApp, Facebook, video conferencing, learning digital skills, etc are done for the community. We were able to generate interest among various employers for hiring from our group.


Stay tuned for these programs!

  1. We will conduct a business coach training program. This will benefit those who have a great deal of related experience and would like to consult for and advise emerging and growing companies.

  2. The second Unfold Happiness at Work certification program will take place on January 18-19, 2019. If you’d like to enrol, please reach out to or call 98866 23123.

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