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It's time to recharge your second innings!

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As the summer motivates us to recharge our batteries with glasses of coolers and more, so also we need to recharge our efforts towards building a meaningful second innings. Nearly half-way through 2019, let's ask ourselves whether we've been diligent about taking small steps everyday towards learning something new, being open to fresh ideas, reaching out to our networks and staying in touch with people, and more. You'll be surprised at how the small things add up and before you know it, you've almost reached your year's goals!

I'd like to hear back from you, what energizes you? What blocks you? Are you struggling to think of goals, or to figure out how to achieve them? Let's work together and recharge you along this journey!

Warm regards,

Puja Kohli

Research Corner

How to Recharge Your Career in the Second Half of Life

Here are four fundamental actions and mindsets we need, to remain relevant and fulfilled in the rapidly changing landscape of extended careers. This will help ensure success and happiness in the second chapter of our lives.


Juggle various work identities

If you can work anywhere with an internet connection, it’s easy to shift between very different kinds of work activities, such as teacher / accountant, or business mentor / yoga expert. A few things to consider: Think about a balance that gets you spending your time in different ways. Recognize that we become expert at things when we immerse fully for a while. Know that some pursuits are easy to pair and others more complicated

Create a financial plan

One of the biggest implications of living a longer life is financial. There are only two ways to solve the puzzle of making money last that long – cut costs or keep the income flowing. The idea of living small, focusing on experiences over things, and taking advantage of the sharing economy could result in a life that’s richer with social connection. Continuing to have income-producing work, even if it’s less than you earned at the height of your career, is a good way to supplement the bank balance while doing work you enjoy.

Link the personal and professional

We often carry forward pieces of prior identities into new kinds of work. And we layer experience over experience, turning our volunteer activities into full-time jobs or making career shifts that are spurred by life events like becoming a parent or dealing with an illness. As we age, it’s clear that we contain all roles we’ve ever inhabited, and that’s incredibly rich.

Constantly learn

One particular mindset we must adopt is that of being a deliberate learner. You can learn about a new issue, make new, meaningful relationships, all while giving your time and energy in a way that helps your community or an organization. There’s even micro learning through watching brief videos or taking a quick class to be better at your job or find a new one. Learning portals like LinkedIn Learning now offers hundreds of free courses and sends their members suggested courses based on what’s trending in their network.

This article has been adapted from one published on Read the original article here.

Raymund Joseph F is a member of Unfold Second Innings. He is an experienced Sourcing, Procurement and Supply Chain professional with a successful career in global organisations such as 3M, GE, and Invensys. He has experience and success in both strategic procurement leadership and driving supply chain execution.



Testimonial from a Recently Placed Member

I took time out of my normal routine in 2018 and was on sabbatical for a few months, spending time with family. I looked for various job opportunities and understood that the right attitude is essential during the career transition and career progression in life. It enables one to embrace the journey in the second career. Apart from the right attitude and a positive approach, a sound career plan is important as it provides a good road map for your future.

Unfold Second Innings (USI) has a good objective and is playing a significant role in people's careers, if they have taken a break and intend to join work again. USI helps give new dimensions and restructure careers, and is doing a fantastic job in this field. I would recommend people to get in touch with USI, if you do want restart your career.


Current Career Opportunities

Career opportunities are open for age group 40+, with no upper long as you're agile, fit and have relevant skills! Read more about these jobs on our website and apply for them. You can also write to

Unique opportunity to work in a global IT consulting company as HR Business Partner

Act as a strategic partner, trusted advisor and HR consultant to the senior business unit leadership team and senior management members, help them build, develop and lead their organizations by providing the necessary HR programs, tools and information.

Candidates need to have at least 10 to 15 years’ experience in an IT consulting and/or international organization having had regional responsibility for a senior HR leadership role and prior experience with dealing with globally spread teams.

A business boutique hotel located near Whitefield is looking for Finance and Security Managers.


1. Finance Manager

Will report to Finance Controller and be in charge of all invoices and statements for the Finance Department and supervise the accuracy of work of junior members of the Accounting team. Candidates need to have accounting experience which includes reconciliation, cash management, payables, receivables or an equivalent combination of education and work-related experience.


2. Security Manager

Candidate will report to General Manager. Responsible for managing the security function and to provide a safe and secure environment for the guests and employees. Adhere to local regulations concerning Fire & Life Safety, emergency procedures, safety, or other compliance requirements, as well as brand safety standards and local policies and procedures. Candidates need to have security and safety experience and/or military/law enforcement experience, including supervisory experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Marketing & Communication Specialists

Tutors / Teachers

Program Leads / Co-ordinators

Career Counsellors

Business Advisors / Mentors

Public Relations Specialists

Among many career opportunities, we receive requests for the following. Feel free to send us your resume or let us know of your interests, so we can connect with you.



How to Build an Impactful LinkedIn Profile

Nearly every industry uses LinkedIn to search for candidates. We believe it’s important for the Unfold Second Innings community to move out of comfort zones, learn how to leverage digital platforms available, to build a second career.


The training session touched on the various aspects of a LinkedIn profile, the kind of information to populate, and tips & tricks to get found by recruiters.

LinkedIn is a very potent tool to harness business opportunities. I left the session amazed at how Unfold Second Innings spelt out step by step how to use LinkedIn for expanding business. Thank you for sharing your expertise. Second Innings can offer structured programmes to our members and thus encourage them to gain confidence in their social interactions. 

- Jagdish Mirji

Did you know that Unfold Second Innings community members can get 50% off the course fee with NICT – a computer training institute? Learn various MS Office software, how to use social media, Tally software and more! Get in touch to know how you can avail this offer. Also, connect with us if you’re interested in any specific training programs.


Career Shift: Become a Life or a Business Coach

Our next second career idea for retirees might be right up your alley. Boomers figuring out what they’ll do in retirement are asking themselves lots of questions: How can I make a difference? What will be my legacy? How can I create enough flexibility to travel, have fun and spend time with friends and family?

These questions are, in turn, leading a growing number of us to work part-time in retirement as coaches – where we ask questions of others.

Coaching is maturing and evolving every day, creating new opportunities for professionals who wish to pursue a different career path. If you are passionate about supporting others in finding their own solutions and are ready to overcome new challenges, a career as a professional coach might be a viable option.

For successful business professionals, one of the more natural pivots occurs when people move away from practicing business and start coaching or consulting others. This transition can be refreshing and exciting, but you’ll want to keep the following points in mind:

Establish a mission statement

Any successful career in business coaching starts with defined goal setting. And at the heart of goal setting is personal reflection. In particular, you need to be capable of answering the following questions:

  • Why do I want to be a business coach?

  • How would I best describe my approach to coaching?

  • How long do I hope to be a business coach?

  • What results am I aiming for as a business coach?

Attach your name to intellectual property

While your initial focus should be on finding clients and offering them exceptional coaching, you need to start thinking about the bigger picture. Many business coaches use their coaching firms as catalysts for additional business endeavours. It’s smart to begin brainstorming. Think of ideas for books, programs, courses, webinars, and speaking topics. Then keep these in the back of your mind as you invest in your clients.

Implement a business model

Focus on establishing a business model that compliments these objectives. As a consultant, your business model will essentially consist of two main components. For starters, you will need a business model for your practice that explains your pricing strategy, lead generation techniques, and plans for future growth. Secondly, you will need a business model for how you’ll help your clients scale their own businesses.

Leverage your experience

When choosing a niche, it’s a good idea to focus on a topic or issue that comes natural to you. For example, if your past career was in HR, it may be natural to work with clients on developing leadership. Also, identify a niche and heavily target it. The more clients you get in the same niche, the easier your job will be.

The best thing you can do is soak up as much information as possible from reliable sources. Pick bits and pieces from that advice and then develop a strong plan of attack. In the coaching world, success lies in the details.

This article has been adapted from one published on All Business. Read the original article here.


International Women's Day Meet-Up​

We had a great catch up with Unfold Second Innings members on International Women’s Day at Chaipatty Tea Cafe, Indiranagar to celebrate unique gender and age inclusion. The theme this year was Balance for Better and the group (with ages ranging from 22 to 75!) attempted to deconstruct this theme and also assess the gender and age barriers that exist today. Roles required to create a more inclusive environment was discussed.


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