“A man can't retire his experience. He must use it.”

Bernard Baruch

A study by Merrill Lynch says that retirement used to mean the end of work. But now we’re at a tipping point: a majority of people will be continuing to work after they retire — often in new and different ways. That's how we see the Unfold Second Innings community...a group of people in various age groups, with diverse skills and backgrounds, looking for new opportunities.

Unfold Second Innings - partner with us


  • Engineers, bankers, mentors, HR, media & finance professionals, teachers, armed forces, hospitality, communicators, administration, and more

Unfold Second Innings - partner with us


  • M.Sc, MA, M.Phil, MBA, PGDM, MS Hotel Mgmt, B.Sc, B.Ed, B.Com, BA, BE, and many more

Unfold Second Innings - partner with us


  • Decades of work experience, subject matter expertise, practical knowledge

  • Mix of men and women from various work backgrounds

Unfold Second Innings - partner with us


  • Consulting, advising, teaching, tutoring, mentoring, training, finance & accounts, writing, counselling, marketing, NGO work, administration

Understand the community

If you are interested in the idea of making space at your company for the older generation, but worry about the culture clash with the rest of your employees, speak with us at Unfold Consulting. We have helped many business manage their generational diversity effectively so that there is a positive culture of inclusion and working together.


We’d love to know what kind of vacancies are available for our community. Whether it’s for skills in finance, administration, marketing, teaching or anything else, we’ll tap into the Second Innings group.


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Unfold Second Innings - partner with us

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